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Friday, October 9, 2009

Awesome!! And I have tried alot of products!

I have tried any new shampoo product on the market that promotes hair growth and this is the only one that I have experienced that actually works. I have only used the cleanser for a month and I have had 2 people who hadn't seen me in a month notice the hair growth and commented on it. One person said, "Your hair is really growing" and the other said "I don't remember your hair being that long" That has never happened to me before. My hair is not thinning, I strictly bought it to promote a healthy scalp and apparently it works!!! I'm almost out and I'm ordering the Nioxin 2 cleanser to see if it works faster :)

It is so inexpensive (around $17 for 10.1 oz.) for something that works! Plus the cooling sensation wakes me up in the morning!

I definately can recommend this product!!!!!!

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