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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Awesome for dandruff

My scalp used to drive me nuts with itching and flaking. Plus I am unfotunate enough to love wearing black. Regular dandruff shampoos only made it worse. A hairdresser friend of mine recommended Nioxin because in her words: "I use this shampoo on everyone. It gets the scalp really clean and healthy." Having nothing to lose I tried it and she was so right. Oh sweet relief! This definitely keeps things in check and I do believe my fine hair also has more body than I generally notice with other shampoos.

I really couldn't speak to whether or not it can help one regrow or stop losing hair, but it gets my hair and scalp very clean, is gentle enough for frequent use and definitely works better than any other $30 bottle of shampoo I've used, and so to me it's well worth it.

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