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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Noticeable results after using for about 4 months

I bought this awhile back, about 6 months ago. The first month or two using it I didn't really notice anything. Back then my hair was definitely thinning out, even my hair stylist mentioned it during haircuts. 4-5 months after using it my hair is much thicker, and once again my stylist has noticed without me even bringing it up. Whether it is the Nioxin or not, we'll never know, but if anything I think it helped a lot. My hair seems to be thicker (individual strands) and have more weight and volume to it. Take note that I say it "seems to be", because I have no proof. Even Nioxin on the bottle advertises that 9/10 people "perceive" thicker hair after using their product for awhile. All I can say is, this combiend with the scalp therapy works great, at least for me, and after 4 months my bottles ran out and now I'm buying another round.

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